UPDATE - Making Adjustments to the site and the forums

I am still trying to clear up the database and add some new code to the CSB MK5 (the .com site). One of the new pieces of code that I am developing is a method by which 'Commenting Spam' - those posts and topics that are not so obviously spam until after you read them, will be lessened. The difficulty comes in the ability to correctly distinguish the difference between spammers and regular users. This may involve requiring our human posters to identify themselves as such though an extra step inserted in the posting/commenting process. There are two options: The use of a CAPTCHA (The Turing Test named after a computer scientist Alan Turing - Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart - wow doesn't that sound familiar). There other method is to enlist the help of some of our members to manually remove a post if it is determined to be spam. Given the circumstances of how close this is to 'editing of members posts', and the banality of the work, I am less inclined to adopt this method. I am also trying out some new code to make the registration process better able to weed out potential spammers and 'ghost accounts'. All of this is in an effort to make the CSB less susceptible to spammers and more agreeable to desired user provided content. Please continue to bear with me on this process. ~G~ UPDATE - I am cleaning up the database in preparation of combining the the two sites. Before I do this I need to clean up this database and these forums. The site may be down through the weekend but should be back up late Monday night or Tuesday (Thats July18th or 19th) I am sorry for this inconvience.